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For my fellow east-coast dwellers, this post is for you…

Here you stand, whether you realize it or not, in the space between the seasons. Look at the symbol for Yin and Yang. Look at the inner part of the circle. Do you see the line curved down the middle where the black ceases to be black and becomes white instead, where the white ceases to be white and becomes black instead? Well, that’s where you are standing -in the grey pixels of the seasons where you get a bit of both; a warm spring-like day followed abruptly by a winter blizzard. Right now it is neither Winter nor Spring. Right now we are in the seasonal Tao.

To Spring, Winter is Yin
Yin is dark.
Yin is sinking.
Yin is cool water (rain and snow)
Yin energies flow inward; quiet and introspective.
Yin is internal.
Yin is protecting, storing, germinating.
Yin is death.
Yin is Sleeping.

During winter, trees, animals and people hibernate. The dark cold days prompt us to stay indoors by the fire resting and replenishing. For nourishment, we are attracted to warm teas, broths and hearty soups and stews. We nurture the inner Yang energies (warmth) to counter the outer Yin energy (cool) that nature brings. We are cultivating balance, the Tao.

To Winter, Spring is Yang
Yang is light.
Yang is rising.
Yang is the warm fire (the sun and Qi, or Ki)
Yang energies flow outward; expansive and dynamic.
Yang is external.
Yang is arousing, transforming, and activating.
Yang is birth.
Yang is awakening.

As Spring emerges, so do the trees, animals and people. Life literally springs into activity. The longer, brighter, warmer days ignite our desire to be outside, stretching our muscles. We are now tempted to eat more cleansing foods, berries and salads and lighter soups. Now we nurture the inner Yin energies (cool) to counter the outer Yang (warmth) energy that nature brings. Still, we are seeking harmony, the Tao.

This inbetween state can be confusing for east coasters, especially the ones younger than retirement age. Why? Because in our snooze-you-lose culture, to succeed, it is encouraged and celebrated to have more Yang energy (driven, hard-working, smart, and ambitious), than Yin (reserved, quiet, wise, and patient). So instead of spending the winter doing what nature was telling you to do; go inward, rest, connect with yourself and your family, you instead spent January and February pushing your energy outward. Perhaps you planned out your year, jumped into some “how-to” classes to learn how to do things better, differently or to make more money. Perhaps you started one or two or three projects, or joined a master-mind group. My guess is that you spent January and February being as productive as possible.

Here’s the thing:

Spring is the time for creative planning, Winter, not so much. While you may find bright sunshiney days in the middle of winter (yang), being as productive as possible at a time when, overall, nature goes to elaborate lengths to get you stay inside your home and inside your own heart, can lead to imbalance. You may be experiencing such imbalance as:

  • Unsustainable energy. You may find you don’t have the physical, mental or emotional resources you need to get the stuff done.
  • Erratic energy. You wake up with a burst of energy in the morning, but feel depleted by 2pm, or  you wake up groggy but by 10pm are feeling on top of the world.
  • You feel like you are pushing too hard; Things may not go the way you want at the pace you expect.
  • You may find yourself getting recurring colds or flu-like symptoms.
  • You may have difficulty focusing and prioritizing.

Nature is an incredibly beautiful and wise teacher. Nature reminds us that life is in constant motion. Notice how Winter does not cause Spring, but rather, Winter creates the right conditions for Spring to emerge. All the seasons create the right conditions for the following season to be born and the preceding season to die. Just as the seasons are in a cycle, so are you -at the macro level of your life; from the time you were born to the time you die, and at the micro level of your every day life; from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep. Each day is a life lived. So…

Wake up!
Pay attention!
Observe nature!
Observe yourself in relationship with nature!
Observe yourself as nature!

Just like the symbol for Yin Yang shows by the small circle in each of the two halves, even in the Yang of Winter, we have a little bit of Yin -a bold sun shining on freshly fallen snow, and even in the Yin of  Spring, we have Yang -a monsoon rain that washes away the tender cherry blossoms. Just like the seasons outside of you, you have both Yin and Yang energies cycling, ebbing and flowing within you. For you to thrive, it is vital you pay attention to your own nature and how it relates to the nature of your environment. Let us say that you push through winter like a harried hare and now the plants and flowers are waking up and, according to their nature, and ours too, frankly, they desire to reproduce, the male portion of the flower (a Yang action) ejaculates, in abundance, its pollen, which you breathe in (a Yin action). Your kidneys, by the way, are said to hold your body’s most fundamental energy and winter is the time to rest them (and your adrenals) so that you have that energy available to you supported by a replenished immune system (Yang) in Spring and Summer to plan, create, work and play. But! Because you didn’t rest and replenish when Old Man Winter told you to, your immune system isn’t going to be strong enough to be able to handle the intrusion of the pollens into your system and so you are more susceptible to allergies.

Ask yourself, what could I be doing differently?

In case you are the hare scurrying full pelt into Spring without ever having rested in Winter, here’s a little guide to help you prepare you for the energy of budding Spring so you don’t pass out at the finish line (not that there is one 😉):

  1. Pause. Consider starting a daily meditation practice. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just commit to sitting still listening to your own breath for 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Here’s a short guided meditation to help you get started.
  2. Honor your body’s need to rest. Take a 30 minute nap in the afternoon if your body tells you it wants to lay down and rest.
  3. Set time aside to clean out closets. Donate or recycle old clothes and accessories that are worn or you simply don’t wear any more. Clean out kitchen cabinets for food that is passed its use-by date. Clean out your bookshelves. Donate books to little libraries or pass them onto friends.
  4. Prepare to cleanse the body. According to Oriental medicine, Spring aligns with the energy pathways that govern liver and gallbladder. Take cleansing teas and avoid processed foods, additives and man-made stimulants. You may want to participate in a Healthy Eating Challenge, like the one my friend Elizabeth Girouard facilitates.
  5. It is said in Oriental medicine that liver energy also governs the eyes. Choose liver cleansing teas to help your physical sight and your spiritual sight, your insight (insight, get it? Look within sight?). Just as Spring is a time to clean out your home, it is also a time to clean up your inner stuff -old hurts, limiting beliefs and anything that keeps you stuck and holds you back from your own evolution (which can manifest in the Summer).
  6. Take time to take stock of the projects you hurried to get started at the beginning of the year, and ask whether these projects are truly in alignment with your soul’s purpose here. (If you don’t know how to access this wisdom, consider an in-person or Skype session with me to help you find out. See the footer for information on how to set that up).
  7. Make an appointment with an established energy and light-touch practitioner to help balance the endocrine system, calm the nervous system, cleanse, and align the major energy centers. (If you are local to NJ, consider booking a one-on-one session with me. See below for ways to make an appointment).

The thing to be aware of as a participant of a modern lifestyle is that you have access to non-local, non-seasonal foods all year round, and technology has insidiously taught you to ignore nature’s clock. Just think. Back in the middle ages, before electricity, you ate locally and seasonally and you went to bed when the sun went down, you awoke again at midnight to make love, have quiet conversation with a family member, visit a neighbor, study by candlelight, or spend the time in quiet reflection, and then went back to sleep to awaken at dawn to do your work (Read this fascinating New York Times article on Rethinking Sleep). So gently, I ask you again to ask yourself, “Knowing now what I just now know, what could I be doing differently?”

Do you not see
That you and I
Are as the branches of one tree?
With your rejoicing
Comes my laughter;
With your sadness
Starts my tears
Could life be otherwise
With you and me?
-Tsu Yeh
(Tsin Dynasty, A.D. 265-316)

To Your Freedom, With Love,



To identify and shift limiting beliefs, consider a one-on-one session. Sessions can be in-person if you are local to New Jersey (I am located in Berkeley Heights), USA, or via Skype if you are elsewhere. You may also wish to consider learning a natural healing art such as Reiki as a method of self-care. In the second level (degree) of Reiki, breakthrough limiting beliefs to clear the environment for creation and manifestation.
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money is a game
I asked my housemate what I should write about today, and he said, “money”. He said, “I think a lot of people deal with money stress.”

Fair enough. So that’s what I’m going to do in this post. I’m going to talk about money and how to de-stress :).

I’ve noticed that many people do not like talking about money. We can talk about past physical and emotional pains, present ails and future concerns but when it comes to money, there can be feelings of insecurity and sometimes even shame. It is important then to not hide from our attitudes about money but get familiar with them instead.

The personality, yours included, was born with a sense that something is missing.
You can find this in yourself by asking, “what would I like more of in this life?” You may say, “more love”, “more peace”, “more openness”, “more freedom”, “more courage”, or “more wisdom”. Or, you might come up with something like, “more time” and inevitably some of you will come up with, “more money” -especially now that I’ve already brought it up!

But let’s look.
In order for this longing for more to exist, there has to be a belief already in place; the, “not enough belief.”

To want more love, you must be believing that you don’t have enough love.
To want more peace, you must be believing that you don’t have enough peace.
To want more openness, you must be believing that you are not open enough.
To want more freedom, you must be believing that you are not free.
To want more courage, you must be believing that you do not have enough courage.
To want more wisdom, you must be believing you are not wise enough.
To want more time, you must be believing that you do not have enough time.

And so,

to want more money, you must be believing that you do not have enough money.

Ok, before we go on, keep this in the back of your mind:

Something can only exist when the environment is right for it to exist.

Continuing… Believing that you don’t have enough money is very stressful. What happens when you hear yourself say, “I can’t afford it. I don’t have enough money.” Your heart closes, chaos erupts in the mind and in the emotions, you feel trapped, you feel scared, you feel dumb for being in this situation in the first place.

It hurts.
It is stressful.

I was with a client the other day. Since we have been working together she has been “going through” a “terrible” divorce that was costing more money than I can fathom. Needless to say, she was angry. During the session, we connected with her Higher Self who gently gave us these reminders:

  1. Money is energy and so it behaves like energy. The nature of it is to come and go. When we hold onto it in reality or in our minds it becomes stagnant. When energy becomes stagnant it accumulates. This may seem at the surface a good thing -we want money to accumulate in our bank accounts but we also want it to flow in and out. Flowing out (sometimes against our will) can offer the opportunity of a clearing out, a downsizing, a simplifying, which is ultimately stress-reducing. After all, we are all terminal and we do not take our cash and assets with us when the story of our life ends. When money flows out, there is room for more to come in. When energy stagnates in the body, it creates dis-ease. Money is governed by the root energy center and so when there is disharmony in money attitudes, the lower back can be affected.
  2. To have faith and trust that you have what you need. My client’s higher self really wanted her to know that everything is ok asking her to have faith and trust. The image I saw in my mind was of a monopoly board. I was reminded of playing monopoly as a kid. How it felt when on the throw of a dice I landed on a property that wasn’t mine and had to pay, and the excitement when someone landed on what I owned and had to pay -especially if there were hotels on it! I enjoyed the analogy. It’s so real when you are playing -you are so invested, but then when the game is over, you remember that it was just a game. You win some. You lose some. And often you don’t have much control over either.  Isn’t life really just a game too?

It takes energy to feed the, “I don’t have enough money” belief. Energy that could be better spent on paying attention to what you DO have. Energy that could be better spent nurturing ideas and taking action on projects that are creative and fun and contribute to the beauty, happiness and well-being of our planet, it’s plants, animals and people.

So to the, “I don’t have enough money” belief, say, “Thank you for sharing. Here is what I have enough of:

There is a ground that supports me.
Air that holds me.
A  body that breathes whether I ask it to or not.
A heart that beats whether I give it permission to or not.
I have people who love me.
I have food and water if I need it.”

Let the heart soften.
Let the breath deepen.
Listen to your precious heart beating.
Be grateful for the people who love you.
Be safe knowing that you have what you need.

In reality, don’t you have everything you need? Right now in this moment? You can’t have much more. You don’t need two chairs to sit on, three floors to stand on, four roofs over your head, do you? If you look, you may find that you actually have more than what you need: A lamp you are not using, books you are not reading, food you are not eating, water you are not drinking…

If that’s true, in this moment, in reality, could it be also true that actually you have MORE money than what you need right now? I mean, as you read this, you’re not buying anything, are you? You aren’t handing cash over to someone, are you? I can’t know. I’m not there with you, but I’m guessing not.

So that’s fun.
You have enough of what you need actually.
For right now, anyway.
And this thought, “I have enough of what I need,” feels way more pleasant than, “I don’t have enough money”, doesn’t it?

Don’t take my word for it, try it out. Fill in the blank:
Believing the thought, “I have enough of what I need”, feels….
Believing the thought, “I don’t have enough money”, feels…

So because what is here in your reality can only be here because the conditions are right for them to be here, if you want your reality to change (more money, more fun, more freedom, more love etc), the environment needs to change. You have the power to nurture your mental environment. The next time you hear yourself say, “I don’t have enough money”, or “I can’t afford it,” remember what is more true, “I have enough of what I need.” Stay here in open allowing, grace and gratitude so you can use your energy in creative, fun and loving ways.

Peace & Joy!


To break through concepts such as, “I don’t have enough money”, consider a one-on-one session.
Sessions can be in-person if you are local to New Jersey, USA or via Skype. You may also wish to consider learning Reiki as a method of self-care. In the second level (degree) of Reiki, breakthrough limiting beliefs to clear the environment for creation and manifestation.
Email Andrea at, or call: 908-271-6670 x 1. You may need to leave a message. I will return your call within 48 hours unless I am traveling.