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Whether you are calling to heaven or blaming hell, an unprecedented global event is being experienced right now. It’s unprecedented because the age of communication has meant that the modern world is all in on the same story line. This is amazing if you think about it.

Consider there is a part of y(our) consciousness that oversees this life. It includes the world, includes the body, and includes the stories -global, cultural, familial and personal. Whatever occurs within it, has already been allowed by it, so there is no point in resisting it. There is no point being a victim. There is no point creating stress when, in reality, in this direct moment, you have everything you need and you are 100% abundantly supported -you have air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and people to talk to. If you think you need more in this moment, you are following an old and irrelevant story line.

That said, how much of what you are responding to is the story -images and pictures your eyes have seen (past), and then images and pictures and sounds in your own mind (imagination)? Does what is actually in front of you match those images and pictures? Let’s be real about your personal reality. Take a breath and look around. Look up. Look down. Doesn’t Life conspire to support you in this moment, actually?

Still, people ask me, “What is the purpose?” Well, the purpose is whatever is in front of you. If you are staying home, that is the purpose. If your money-related fears have surfaced, that is the purpose. If you are spending more time with the people you live with, that is the purpose. If you cooked a meal instead of eating out, that is the purpose. If you are working or learning independently -away from the office, or school, that is the purpose. If you are cleaning out closets, that is the purpose. If you are unwell and need to rest and receive help, that is the purpose.

The point is not what’s happening. The point is how am I responding to what is happening. Do I respond with fear, or with power? Do I resist, or surrender? What we are experiencing is an effect and, simultaneously, the cause of what comes next in the perceived linear timeline. The main purpose of all life’s happenings -big and small is to lead us to Truth.

The Truth is this:

Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to be.
Everyone is exactly where they should be.
Everything I experience is revealing Truth to me.

It is an invitation for inquiry. To look beyond the storylines, beyond what the eyes see, beyond your ideas about the world. Events like this create opportunities, via contrast or paradox, for the following human graces (or vibrational states) to manifest:

  • Gratitude
    (We are now aware of the small and big things we can’t do or have access to, as well as noticing the small and big things that we missed before because we were too busy to notice.)
  • Generosity
    (We meet our own beliefs around lack and we get to sit with our inner miser, as well as see and be the outreach of generosity intrinsic to the human heart.)
  • Trust
    (We get to meet our ideas (mostly false) about what we are, what the world is, our misconceptions about life and death, as well as realize that moment-by-moment life is humming along nicely -the birds don’t care, nor the squirrels, the budding flowers, the trees, the sun, nor the moon about what’s happening in the human story.)
  • Kindness
    (We see where we are still judging, policing each other, throwing our will around rather than seeing with the vision of Truth as Trust)
  • Freedom
    (As we are restrained, many of the “have-tos” of our typical rat-race days are falling away, we are beginning, perhaps, to meander without a strict agenda, to be free to be.)

An important effect of this event is, for many, a slowing down. When was the last time you felt you were going at your own natural pace? Do you even know what that is? Do you know that it’s possible to be idyllic and productive at the same time? Do you know that it’s possible to let go of “trying” and just be yourself and stuff still gets done? When was the last time you felt truly yourself? When was the last time you gave yourself a day, a week, a month, a year without “have tos”?

Now is not the time to be the victim of your perceived circumstances. If you notice a part of you feeling bad, afraid, wanting to blame, feeling alone, or bored even, shift your attention. Let’s go back to the Emoto experiments, and experiments by other scientists such as Glen Rein, a DNA scientist, who have shown how intent can affect the structure of water (see Emoto’s experiments) and also influence DNA (see Glen Rein’s experiments).


The fact is, there is an energetic component to life. A virus, like any other life form has an energetic component. A virus is not a fully formed being per se, it can not reproduce itself. It hijacks the host cell’s ability to reproduce and takes over that way. Experiments like Dr Rein’s show that our consciousness affects DNA, and by extension RNA, which is the genetic material this virus has. This means we are not victims at all. In fact, we are powerful enough to change matter with our loving, healing intent. This is how the power of prayer works. When we raise our electro-magnetic frequency by maintaining loving thoughts and feelings, we can raise the tempo of our cells (and the cells of others, which is how distance healing works), where vital amino acids instead of breaking down and being excreted through urea, combine with an enzyme instead, which, when meditated on increases their vibrational rate resulting in healing, when it occurs in the brain, clear seeing.

“…they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

Mark 16:18

All we are is the result of what we have thought, so it is important more than ever to maintain a pure mind. The victim is not a vibrational match for a pure mind. The wisdom of the eastern ancients teaches this. In the teachings of the eastern healing art Reiki, there are  the Gokai (Five Principles) to repeat daily and to apply practically:



We are encouraged to be disciplined in our mind and emotions (remember that “discipline” comes from the word, “disciple”, reminding us to be a student of our own minds), and to practice “sincerity”, which can also be considered to our western way of thinking, “integrity”.

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki offered this wisdom:

Cultivate yourself sincerely
And be aware of the deep truth
That the hidden and invisible things
And the manifested things
Are one

-Usui, Mikao

This wisdom has dripped into human consciousness through the ages. 2,600 years ago, Lao Tzu, the author of the Tao Te Ching, provided these instructions:

Become totally empty
Quiet the restlessness of the mind
Only then will you witness everything
unfolding from emptiness
See all things flourish and dance
in endless variation
And once again merge back into perfect emptiness—
Their true repose
Their true nature
Emerging, flourishing, dissolving back again
This is the eternal process of return

To know this process brings enlightenment
To miss this process brings disaster

-Lao Tzu

We have been missing it.
This disaster is the effect.

But let’s consider something new. Let’s consider there is a part of you who already is sincere, already wise, already at peace. What if you are already a volunteer. What if you are here, on the earth at this time, to play your perfect part? What if, this event is an opportunity for us to all usurp the victim, the saboteur, the martyr from our roleplaying card and come home to the Truth of who we are, which is eternal, always safe and at peace?

We literally have been given very clear directions to stay home from work, from school, from non-essential travel. We are directed to “stay in” (yin). There are countless opportunities here for growth, strength, and expansion (yang). Going inward creates the conditions for expansion of consciousness, of your own energy body. If you read my blog post, “I Hear Voices“, perhaps it inspired you to be still and listen in the serenity for the quiet voice of your own indwelling soul.

I have my 10,000 hours of meditation under my belt and so I can tell you from a place of authority that there is a light within that can be found by sitting in perfect stillness and harnessing the mind’s ability to pay attention to the experience of the breath, or of aliveness as it’s happening. This light is your True Essence. So as a perfectly formed light soul being, ask Yourself:

Why am I here -in this town, in this country, on this planet, in this body?
What are my indwelling soul gifts?
What can I learn?
What can I create or innovate?
What can I express?

Consider your mind a sacred space, sweep it clear of distracting, frivolous, mundane thoughts. Invite the light of your Divine Consciousness to fill your mind, turn your attention inward, to the body, to the breath, to the heart beating, ask your questions and listen.

Again, do not let yourself get away with feeling sad, afraid, angry, alone, bored or hopeless. This energetic state, weakens the body. Seek to elevate your consciousness, elevate your emotions. Move. Be in nature. Make something new. Decorate. Clean. Create. Learn something. Teach something. Play on the floor. Hang upside down. Write something. Meditate. Play a game… Being in the flow, using your attention and your intention in creative, loving ways, being open to receiving inspiration, acting on that inspiration, expressing joy, being in awe of beauty, strengthens the body.

Perhaps you have noticed that I have not used the label of the cause of this pandemic. I do not wish to give it more energy than it already has. But let’s look at the meaning of the word, “pandemic”;

pandemic (n)

from Greek pandēmos
pan =  ‘all’
dēmos = ‘people’

And so it seems we are one in this story, and we are all being given a massive opportunity to find the Truth, which is this; we are all unique expressions of One, like a drop in the ocean. From this perspective, where’s the problem?

So! Enjoy what’s here in front of you and be nothing but your already perfect self. It’s easy! You already ARE it.




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Dr Emoto:
Rein G. “Storage of non-Hertzian frequency information in water”. Proc Internat Tesla Soc. 1992; S. Elswick, ed. Internat Tesla Soc Pub, Colorado Springs, CO.

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The first time I heard “The Voice” was the year I turned thirty. I had met my husband-to-be who was American and I was back in Australia living with my dad and step mum waiting for my fiancee visa to be approved. I had gotten a job teaching English as a second language at a satellite campus for the local University. It was after work and I was taking a walk waiting for my dad to pick me up. I stopped at a bench and wrote this in my journal;

“I want to truly know myself. In knowing myself, I can be the best I can be for myself and for others.”

It’s amazing to me now that “to know thyself” is the basis of every eastern healing art I have studied; Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Medical Qi Gong.

I closed my journal and started walking again. It was a typical perfect Brisbane day and after a short while, I heard a booming, almost robotic male voice say, “The Answer. Is. Meditation!”
I was startled. What?
It repeated the statement again, “The Answer. Is. Meditation!”
And one last time, “The Answer. Is. Meditation!”
I felt a cold tingling on my forehead. This was something quite new to hear a voice as clearly as any embodied voice. And, I was confused. I knew the word, meditation, but I didn’t really know what it was. I felt it was something that only robed monks sitting on mountains did. I didn’t know that meditation was something an average someone like me did. This was the first seeding of a choice-less path of intense self-inquiry and meditation.

The second time I heard “the Voice” was the day I got home from a weekend-long advanced Quantum Healing Hypnosis class with Dolores Cannon. It wasn’t a surprise that he wasn’t home. We had already decided to take a two-week break in an attempt to get ourselves out of a rut we had found ourselves in. But when I walked through the door, something felt wrong. I cautiously went upstairs. I opened closets and drawers. He’d taken all his clothes. I raced back downstairs and the room that was his music studio was bare. He hadn’t just packed a bag for a two-week separation. He had moved out!
I threw myself on the living room floor and sobbed.
And that’s when I heard the voice. It bellowed at me in that same male monotone, “For Whom. Are. You. Crying?”
I was shocked silent.
I listened.
Again, “For Whom. Are. You. Crying?”
I realized in a sudden flash of insight, “Oh my God! No one’s coming. Not daddy, not mummy, not my husband. There’s no one here to hear me.” It suddenly felt absurd to have such a tantrum for no one.
Last time, “For Whom. Are. You. Crying?”
“For no one”, I said out loud. I got up, dried my eyes, and got on with it.

The third time I heard “the Voice” was two years later. I had met someone, but things weren’t going in the way that I wanted. I was at home and I’d just gotten off the phone with him. I was frustrated and sad. To distract myself, I put my attention on some computer work I had to do.
The same male voice admonished, “Feel. Your. Feelings!”
Agh! Goddamnit. I prefer not to feel feelings. They’re so messy.
Again the voice said, “Feel. Your. Feelings!”
I sighed and stopped what I was doing.
Last time, “Feel. Your Feelings!”
So I got up and sat on my couch and stared at a big bunch of garden-cut flowers I’d gotten from my friend’s yard the day before. They were thick stemmed lilies with petals open wide. As I admired them, my mind started to review the conversation and made up an alternate reality of what I should have said. Tears came and I let them fall. Feeling my feelings was tiring, so I went upstairs to lay down. I lay down and started to drift off. The Voice abruptly prompted, “Be Vigilant!” I pushed myself into alertness and again went over the recent happenings. Some more tears wanted to make their way out. But after a while, I was starting to lose interest in going over it again and started to drift off. Again, I heard, “Be! Vigilant!”
Agh! So I smartened myself up again and started to pay attention to how my body felt -what was actually happening in my biology rather than what was happening in my mind.
It still wasn’t good enough. The third, “Be! Vigilant” got delivered.
A realization: “Oh! BE vigilant. If I share the same point-of-perception as the one who is already vigilant, where’s the problem?”
I started laughing and in that same moment, the sun filled the room and beams made lines on my supine body. I got up and got on with it.

That was in 2011. Since then, I am able to hear other voices, too, not just that loud, male, robotic one. Since starting a meditation practice, I have heard countless of voices. In one deep meditation, I found myself standing in front of a woman dressed in white who told me, “I am Gaia. I am Gaian”. It was the first time I had heard this word. This was before the yoga brand and the online subscription-based channel. I had to go and look it up on the internet. I learned that it was earth energy. She told me how important it was to keep your vibrational rate high with feelings of playfulness, humor, curiosity and joy, that these energies help the planet.

Through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis work, the voices come through clients. I have so many stories to share. Some sessions I have put on YouTube so others can benefit from the wisdom that is imparted during this work:

Having had my own mystical experiences, I have become fascinated with mystics of old –their stories, their experiences and the time when they lived. I have been on three spiritual pilgrimages. My first one was in 2015 when I went to France to follow the life of Saint Bernadette. The trip was mystically guided and serendipitous. The second was in 2016 when I went to Spain to where Saint Teresa of Avila lived. This trip was wonderfully grounding and validating, and my most recent one earlier in 2019, I went again to France to follow the life of Saint Jeanne d’Arc. Before each trip, I ask them to travel with me, and each time they did. Saint Bernadette was small and light full of humor and wisdom. Teresa of Avila was matronly, stern and stoic. Saint Jeanne d’Arc was earnest, youthful and matter-of-fact. I felt them and heard them while I walked where they walked.

Mystic in History #1 – Saint Jeanne d’Arc

“And the first time, I was very afraid. And the voice came at about noon, in the summer, in my father’s garden… I heard the voice on the right-hand side, towards the church, and rarely did I hear it other than with great clarity.” – Jeanne d’Arc


The etching on the left was made in 1819 before the restoration. The church also sustained some damage during World War II, however the facade of the family home that we see today was built in 1431 by one of Joan’s great-great-nephews, Claude du Lys, Lord of Domrémy. At the rear of the house is part of the original dwelling. When visiting, you can see the bedroom in which Jeanne was born, her bedroom, the cellar and her brothers’ bedroom.

Jeanne d’Arc of Domrémy was born in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France in 1412. When she was thirteen years old, she started to hear voices and receive visitations from discarnate saints – Michael, Caroline and Margaret. The voices told her that she was to liberate France. The voices gave her instructions guiding her throughout her mission. It was reported by those who knew her, that she had the gift of sight and that she was Divinely guided. Today, thanks to her visions, the voices and her gargantuan efforts, France is French and not English.


“Perhaps it is worthwhile to remind ourselves that the two women who have left the deepest mark upon the military history of France and England – Joan of Arc and Florence Nightingale – both acted under mystical compulsion.” – Evelyn Underhill

Mystic in History #2 – Florence Nightingale


Florence Nightingale was born May 12, 1820 in Italy. As a young adult into late adulthood, she also heard voices. In 1848, she shares how the Voice of God spoke to her during a religious retreat in Rome. She told the Madre, “He asked me to surrender my will.” Nearly thirty years later, in her diary entries of 1877, she shares six different times when, “the Voice” spoke to her and she includes times when she transcribed her conversations with “the Voice” in dialogue form. In 1954 Florence Nightingale brought a team of 38 volunteer nurses to care for the British soldiers fighting in the Crimean War. Florence Nightingale is considered one of the main contributors to nursing as a profession.

Mystic in History #3 – St Bernadette

2019-07_BernadetteBernadette Soubrious was born January 7 in 1844 only four years before Florence Nightingale reported hearing God ask her to surrender her will. It was in 1858 when Bernadette was fourteen, a similar age to Jeanne d’Arc, that she had her first of a series of visions. She was born to the village miller and they were very poor. While out gathering sticks and bones with her sister and a friend to sell to the “stick and bone man”, she described seeing “a dazzling light, and a white figure” and, “a small young lady” appear before her…

“She asked me to have the goodness to return to the grotto for fifteen days.
I promised her that I would do so.
She also asked me to go and tell the priests to build a chapel on the spot, to go and drink at the fountain and wash myself… Since I could not see it, I went to drink at the river. She told me it wasn’t there I was to go, and indicated to me with her finger to go to the bottom of the grotto. I went there and found only slimy water. There was so little of it, I had difficulty in scooping it up with my cupped hands. I tried to obey her instruction, but three times I threw the water away. It was so dirty that it was only on the fourth time that I could bring myself to drink it… She confided three secrets to me, forbidding me to reveal them to anyone… One day, she commanded me to eat a herb which was to be found on the same spot where I had drunk.” – Bernadette Soubrious

The water continued to flow more clearly after Bernadette left. During her visitations, Bernadette says she continually asked for her name. At the end of the fifteen days, the figure, “clasped her hands over her breast”, and told her, “Que soi era immaculada concepcion” (I am the immaculate conception). St Bernadette was canonized after when her body was exhumed, it was found to be “incorrupt”, that is, it had not decomposed. This phenomena is considered a miracle only possible in one of True spiritual purity. It was in the monastery where St Teresa’s body is encased in a glass casket that I had my strongest connection with her. I felt her presence, her small hand in mine and heard her wisdom.

Today, the tiny town of Lourdes in the south of France is visited by millions of visitors every year who drink from, collect and bathe in the holy waters and pray in the basilica. The holy water is famous for healing miracles.

Mystic in History #4 – Saint Teresa of Avila


“This voice of his is so sweet that the poor soul falls apart in the face of her own inability to instantly do whatever he asks of her. And so you can see, hearing him hurts much more than not being able to hear him…” 

A little over 100 years after St Jeanne d’Arc was born, St Teresa entered the world in 1515. She was born into an affluent family of Jewish descent. During the pre-years to the Spanish inquisition, her father’s family were forced one evening from their home and made to march in the public square where they were ridiculed for practicing Judaism. Her father, Alonso Sánchez de Cepeda, became the wealthiest man in Avila during his time. He converted to Catholicism in a vow never to experience that again. When Teresa was 11, her mother died and so she turned to the Virgin Mary for solace. She entered the monastery of the Carmelite order between the ages of 18 and 20. During an illness where, it is said, she fell into a coma for four years, she came out of it citing St Joseph as the one who healed her. She became a well-known mystic, famous for levitation, visions of Christ and the most famous for a vision in which a seraph pierced her heart with a gold spear and sent her into a trance of ecstasy. And, like St Bernadette, her remains, when exhumed, were found “incorrupt” and “a delicious aroma” emanated from her remains even though the clothes had rotted away.

To each of the saints, Bernadette, Teresa of Avila and Jeanne d’Arc, I posed my seeking question, “What is the fastest path to abiding in God Consciousness?” Each of them, while pointing to the same thing, gave very different answers. St Bernadette’s response was to pray to the Divine Mother and to use humor as a path to enlightenment. St Teresa told me that my mind should only be filled with God, that God alone is enough. Jeanne d’Arc told me to show up to God in prayer or meditation, to ask, to listen, to overcome doubt, and to take action on the directions I receive.

While it has been a few years since I last heard the disembodied male voice booming for my attention, I can, in meditation or in a quiet moment of intent, ask questions and receive answers. It is more subtle. I hear words, or receive whole concepts, I see images that I have to translate, or I just know what I didn’t know moments before. Sometimes, it takes the form of a dialogue. Most recently, in answer to my question about using meditation or the breath to attain expanded states of consciousness, I received a full and complete protocol called Trinity Breathwork. I have been teaching the protocol in introductory workshops out of my center in Berkeley Heights, NJ and offering the first Tuesday evening of the month for group practice. It is so new that I haven’t created an information page yet on my website. What is incredible about it is that its wisdom comes from an intelligence far beyond mine as its power lies in the Quantum field that is best explored in mathematics and sound vibration.

Recently, I have also begun meeting weekly with a like-hearted friend, Jeannette Howard. We pick a topic, connect with the highest, best, most appropriate level of consciousness to give information on the topic and to answer our questions. Often the answers are very different to what what we think or consider normal societal thinking. For instance, in one of our early sessions we asked, “What is the best message for individuals to be the best stewards of this planet?”

We channel for 20 minutes. Here is an excerpt of the session;

VOICE: You are assuming stewardship is one of the roles that humanity took on to play here on the earth plane at this time. It is not so. Yes, there are some soul groups or families who incarnated to take care of nature, to speak up for and perhaps protect animals, but this is not the role of all. Only the role of some.

ME: But surely we need to be more aware of the impact our actions have on the planet. Aren’t we harming the environment, and by extension, harming ourselves as well?

VOICE: Yes, but only when you are. Right now, the roles played are of destruction and creation. Your nature, your True Nature, never leaves its Source. Nothing that exists can exist outside of its Creator. It would be like looking at a fruit cake and trying to tell the raisin to be the cake and not itself -an individual piece of fruit that makes up the cake. Everything is already allowed. It is creation creationing, destruction destructioning. We don’t look at say the honey badger and expect it to be mindful, more compassionate and kind. It just is what it is in its nature to be living true to its Honey Badger-ness. You are no different. You are mindful if you are mindful, compassionate if you are compassionate, loving if you are loving. And, the exact opposite is equally true. So, the ones who care about nature, who care about their own bodies, the animals, each other, will be that, and those that don’t, won’t. Again, we say you can not exist outside of the Creator. The Creator exists as you, as all things.

In these sessions with Jeannette, we are in meditation and then we write down what we “get”. In order for there to be a such a “hearing voices” phenomena, and for information to come to us that offers a different perspective, or different information from our every-day level of consciousness, we must infer that there is a level of consciousness that is more expansive and knowledgeable than the self-referential, “I, me, my, mine” level of consciousness. As convincing as it seems, we are not the creator of our thoughts. This was one of my first ah-ha moments. I was ten. My sister had just passed away and thinking of her was crushingly painful, so I made a decision not to think about her, but despite my desperate decision, thoughts still came in. I took to catching the thoughts with imaginary energy hands and throwing them into space. I could not un-know that I was not the thinker of my thoughts, rather thoughts came in.

Just as I am not the thinker of my thoughts, I am not the originator of my mind. My mind (and all our minds) was given to me to fulfill a spiritual function here on this 3D plane. We were gifted, or we inherited, the capacity to receive information as energy and turn that energy pulse or wave into a picture or a sound, words or a feeling. Even these words are not coming from “me”. I don’t know what to write next and yet words continue flowing and my fingers continue typing. Where does energy originate, where does consciousness originate? We can’t truly know. The most important thing for us to conclude is that we are not alone. That, there is a big “S” consciousness, or “Self”, out of which our own little “s” consciousness, “self”, was born. Some people call it Source, some attribute the label, “Higher Self”, or “Higher Power” and for some, it is God. I call it, “The Infinite Wisdom”. We are not separate from it. More, the intelligence of our own minds and physical bodies are contained within it, so we always have access to it because we ARE it.

There are many ways to access your Self, you may follow the simple steps as taught to me by St Jeanne d’Arc:

  1. Show up in practice and in your mind (for God, Source, Higher Power, Infinite Wisdom)
  2. Pray (Set a clear intention, or ask a clear question)
  3. Be still and listen (Receive the answer as a feeling, a knowing, a vision, words)
  4. Overcome self-doubt, fear and worry
  5. Take action (Be willing to act differently)

Or, you may simply open yourself up to receiving the voice of the Infinite through the finite realm of the world;

“For now, his voice reaches us through words spoken by good people, through listening to spiritual talks, and reading sacred literature. God calls to us in countless little ways all the time. Through illnesses and suffering and through sorrow he calls to us. Through a truth glimpsed fleetingly in a state of prayer he calls to us. No matter how halfhearted such insights may be, God rejoices whenever we learn what he is trying to teach us.”
– St Teresa of Avila

Before I go, another recent though not new but worth sharing message that has come through in in meditation, spiritual literature, and through the voice of a friend all in the same week, is, “Be still and know Me as Yourself”. The Big S calling to the little s, the Infinite calling to the finite, to be still. It is in the still place within where we find our True Essence.

With Love,



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banner_2016-05Sydney 2002
I came back into my brother’s house one drizzly afternoon to find one of my black boots chewed to pieces. This wasn’t just any boot. This was one of a pair of traipsed-all-over-New-York-city-over-several-weekends-to-find-them kind of a boot. My bother’s dog, Ruby, a portly German Shorthaired Pointer my brother and his not-yet-wife had adopted after she had become too old for breeding, had used my precious black boot as a chew toy. It was the right one.

The thing that sticks with me about this memory is not that Ruby destroyed my prized footwear but that nothing happened. When I say, “nothing happened”, what I mean is nothing emotional happened. I didn’t react. There was no flash of anger, no loud outburst, no tears of rage, no sadness, no regret, no blame. Nothing. If I had told the story to a sympathetic friend especially drawing out for dramatic effect how long it took me to find this perfect pair of boots, my friend would understandably say, “That’s terrible! I’d be so mad!” But as it happened, it wasn’t terrible. I wasn’t mad.
I was so surprised at my lack of caring that I went looking for the upset!
In time, images started playing in my head of how people react in a situation like this. I saw in my mind a man yelling, “Bad dog!” I saw a dog cowering. I saw hitting. So in the end, that’s what I did. I faked the anger following a direction on how people are supposed to react when things like this happen. So I popped poor Ruby on the behind with the left boot and shouted sternly, “Bad dog!” (sorry, Ruby! RIP). It did not feel juicy and satisfying like raging can feel. It felt hollow. Surreal. Like I was a bad actor in a B-grade movie.

Nepal 2011
By the time I had finished my tea and cake I began to understand what people mean when they describe their headaches as “pounding” or “blinding”. It was the end of the one-day climb to Ama Dablam base camp where we had reached our highest altitude of 4,800 meters and I was succumbing to altitude sickness. I felt like I had a helicopter in my head. VROOM VROOM VROOM it pulsed.

It was my own fault. Cyril, our fitness trainer, had told us to bring enough water for the day. I didn’t. Instead of the recommended three bottles, I took just two. I drank my last drop out of my camel pack about half way down. Back at the inn an hour later than planned, the helicopter was relentlessly spinning on and I noticed I could not hear the shower running and it was hard for me to see. I stumbled into my pyjamas and somehow got myself into bed and closed my eyes waiting for the helicopter in my head to stop moving. I could hear my fellow trekkers coming to my aid. Once closed, I could not open my eyes. I was tested for oxygen count and I was propped up to take what I think now was an aspirin. At one point, Valerie, my roommate, climbed into the narrow bed with me and cradled me like a child. To my shock, guffawing sobs burst out of my body. Edmond, founder of the Legacy Odyssey Trek* of which I was a part, filled the room with sweet chakra music from his ipad.

What sticks with me with this memory is that while the body was shaking and sobbing and panicked chatter bubbled out, it was not me. I was there, but I was inside. I was in what I can only describe as the inky blackness. I was very awake. Very aware. Very still. Very calm. There was peace. The body was doing its thing, crying and babbling and it had nothing to do with me. I was floating inside completely fine wondering matter-of-factly if this was the end of the Andrea story. I heard myself wondering what they would do with the body. Would they send it back to the U.S., or would they send it to my family in Australia? At one point I realized I didn’t need to stay in the inky blackness of the body and I left. I could still hear Valerie talking to me and then when Valerie went to have dinner, Cyril sat with me repeating over and over things like, “It’s ok. You’re ok. You are not the only one. Other people have experienced this too. It will be over soon. Don’t worry. Everything is ok.” I could hear the music until eventually it stopped and I could hear my own sobs until they stopped too. It wasn’t me and it was all me.

The Soul is Timeless
I’m sharing this story because I can not un-know that what I am is not my body and not my emotions either. What I am is still, spacious, awake and at peace. The body can wail and cry and that is not me. What is me is at peace. Lying there on a bed in an inn high in the Himalayas in Nepal was peace because what I was didn’t care about the body living or dying. It didn’t have a story about what came before, or what was to come next. It just was. It just is.

Emotional Tendencies
So here’s what I have noticed. I notice that we, as a modern culture, are addicted to how we feel. We are addicted to the highs and lows of the story of our lives. We are used to feeling a certain way when certain things happen. If you are rude to me, I’ll be angry. If you die, I’ll be sad. If you leave me before I’m ready,  I’ll be mad and sad. If you flirt with someone else, I’ll be jealous. If you fire me, I’ll feel shame followed by fear. All these reactions are understandable and widely accepted according to today’s cultural emotional maturity. If your partner leaves you, and you share your broken heart with your friends, they will agree with your feelings and may even fan the flames.

We innocently use emotions to make real our idea of reality.

What if we have it backwards?
If your partner leaves and you react with anger, the anger you feel serves to make real the belief that your lover shouldn’t have left you. We innocently use emotions to make real our idea of reality. For you to feel anger, a whisper of a thought has been believed, and that is; “She should not have left me”, or “He should stay and work this out.” To your personality’s rationale, the feeling of anger, frustration, sadness etc is proof that you are right; “I am so angry! I’m angry because of you!”

Emotions as Messengers NOT as Warriors
Your emotions are NOT, as you have been habitually believing, troops arriving to defend your preferences, opinions and judgements about life, nor for you to use as a force to go to war with Life. Your emotions are messengers pounding your chest, head and belly to get your attention crying out;

“Watch out! Wake up!
Don’t believe the nightmare!
You are, in this moment, in danger of preferring your untrue thoughts over reality.
You are, in this moment, insane.”

From the perspective of the timeless, spacious, sleepless soul, it loves you too much to care whether the body lives or dies, or whether your favorite boot is worn on your foot or chewed up by your bother’s dog, or whether your lover leaves or stays. To the soul, each apparent loss is just energy moving. Without the leaves dropping from the branch of the tree each Autumn, how can there be room for new growth in the Spring? Loss is never loss. It is only ever an opening into something else.

Emotions such as guilt and frustration are also the whisper that remind you when you have not been listening to your inner wisdom, values or truth, or have been acting discordantly to what is your soul’s divine purpose here on earth. Notice how this has nothing to do with anyone else. I have noticed that people, in their innocence, tend to project their unhappiness onto the people around them -especially the people whom they love the most, making them wrong. My invitation is to stop that. Now. Take responsibility for how you feel. Your emotions are your personal energetic experience. What do you get out of dragging your loved one into your chaos?

It is not their job to make you happy, it is yours.

Imagine that instead of using your emotions to make real your story about Life, you use them like an alarm that’s reminding you to wake up to an opportunity that has arrived in your life -an opportunity to open your heart, to release attachments, to shift perception, to love deeply and unconditionally, to relax and allow Life to be as it is without your personality arguing about it, to deepen your relationship with the Divine Wisdom that has all this working in perfect order. Give yourself permission to not react as you are “supposed” to but rather melt into the Truth that everything is as it should be and that you are ok actually.
Everything is ok actually.
The ground still holds you.
Your heart beats.
The body breathes whether you ask it to or not.
Without the stressful emotion, Life and its characters can do its thing and you are at peace.
With the peace, clarity naturally emerges out of the fog of the chaos.
You are free.

To Your Freedom, With Love,




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